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Water Quality Data

Browse our most recent water quality data from a number of sites in 2021.

Parry Sound - 2021
PS 2021.png

Northwinds - 2021

NWF 2021.png

Wabuno - 2019

CM 2019.png

Fisher Harbour - 2021

FH 2021.png

Depot Harbour - 2021

DH 2021.png

Mink Island - 2019

MI 2019.png

Eastern Island - 2021

EI 2021.png

Eagle Rock - 2021

ER 2021.png

Archived Data

Take a look at the water quality lab reports from 2013-2021.

Depot Harbour and Parry Sound

Fisher Harbour and Eagle Rock

Wabuno and Mink Island

Eastern Island


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